August 2021

We Are All Vaccinated, But We Continue To Wear Our Masks

While government officials have made the questionable decision to allow fully vaccinated people to forego wearing a face covering even when indoors, we know better.  The Delta variant is rapidly spreading and even fully vaccinated citizens are finding themselves hospitalized.  Our team continues to wear a face mask when in the office because the health and safety of our colleagues and their families are important to us.

May 2021

Addis Pharma Opens a Field Office in Santa Ana, California

With the number of daily COVID-19 cases still dangerously high, Addis Pharma opened a field office to provide its consultants with a safer workspace.  As we reopen our cities and adapt to the new normal, it is important for companies to come up with innovative solutions to help curb the spread of the virus.  The field office serves as a sanctuary where our consultants can reduce their risk of contracting the virus since they aren't being exposed to large gatherings.

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